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Meet Jill

Jill was a previous Family Houston client who sought help again during COVID-19 as she was overcome by nervousness, anxiety, and panic,

Jill and her counselor decided Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy was the best route for Jill. Through the counseling process and working on herself she was able to overcome the anxiety and panic attacks, worrisome thoughts, and catastrophic thinking patterns she was facing. Through treatment she realized she held false beliefs about herself, her life situation and others, which was leading to distorted thinking. This allowed for more positive, empowering, and
productive beliefs to take hold.

“I am increasingly stronger, proud, and confident to be who I am. I am looking forward in joy to walking day by day, even as the unknowns and difficulties remain and happen month to month – seeing past them, creating and being beauty in my life, and being a testament to my son and those around me.

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