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Divorce isn’t easy for anyone involved. But for children, parental breakups can be particularly tough. Help your child through this transition with these tips:
  1. Develop a vision of positive co-parenting. This vision should include a predictable time-sharing schedule and child exchange routine, which minimizes the possibility that conflict will emerge in front of the children.
  2. Balance nurturing and discipline. In this time of stress, don’t forget to stay emotionally connected. Support your children’s involvement in activities, and don’t ask them to take on too many responsibilities.
  3. Take care of yourself. Parents need time and space to heal after divorce, as well. It’s important, however, you do not allow the parent-child relationship become reversed. Do not ask your children to nurture and care for you.

Divorce is a high tension time for everyone in the family. Counseling provides each family member a safe and private space to talk about their feelings and thoughts around the divorce. Expressing how we feel often helps alleviate some of that burden from the individual.

At Family Houston, we help parents and children manage divorce by providing a safe space to talk about it. We also help families identify and build on their strengths to help manage situations and emotions around separation effectively. Family Houston provides individualized treatment tailored to each family’s needs and goals.