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Why Join the Family?

We are celebrating 115 years of serving the greater Houston community thanks to supporters like you! Over this past year nearly 5,000 clients have been able to keep their lights on, save for a house, reduce debt, move up in their career, and/or manage their anxiety and develop healthy coping mechanisms for life’s stresses.

When you make a gift to Family Houston, you are helping those like Mayra continue being successful contributing members of our community, and accomplish more in her life than she thought possible! We believe strong families are the backbone of a strong community, and a strong community is good for all of us.

A gift of $250 can help a family move toward financial independence through three hours of Financial Coaching. Gifts of every amount make a difference! Please consider investing in this community by donating today.

“Family Houston helped me get back on my feet while I was suffering from anxiety and depression. My case manager was very helpful and patient. It means a lot to me to have someone care.”
– Mayra, Family Houston Client