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 Thanks to the support of our pillars, we raised nearly $187,000 through our 2020 Pillars of Strength fundraiser! We are incredibly grateful for the support we received. Because of our donors our clients can continue working towards not only meeting their basic needs but reaching financial stability, and addressing mental health struggles.


Being financially prepared helped Daniel weather the COVID-19 storm

Prior to COVID-19, while working as an hourly wage employee, Daniel began meeting with a Family Houston financial coach. Daniel and his coach Monee set goals that included creating and utilizing a budget, repairing his credit, and to begin saving.

One of the first step’s Daniel took with the help of his financial coach Monee was to stretch his student financial aid refund to cover his rent for six months and start a savings account with what was leftover. He was able to save money because of his diligence with sticking to the detailed budget he created with Monee. Daniel also enrolled in the Food Scholarship program through Family Houston’s partnership with the Houston Food Bank to cut down on his food cost. In addition, because Daniel was monitoring his credit, he discovered an inaccuracy and worked with his financial coach, Monee, to dispute it. The items were removed from his credit history and Daniel began moving forward with increasing his credit score, with the goal of buying a car. Having his own vehicle will help him get to work easier.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Daniel’s employer had to temporarily close and Daniel lost his job. He was able to cover his basic needs thanks to his savings. Daniel’s employer recently rehired him in a new position. He and Monee continue to lay out new action steps to ensure Daniel will be able to withstand future emergencies without losing sight of his long-term goals.